The Dark Side of the Empath


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This article explains it all.  This is the reason why I am teaching that class regarding Enlighting Empaths on January 10,  Only 10 people allowed in the class.  Register today.

The Dark side of the Empath


Why Should you Adopt A Grandparent?


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Read this article and find out why I chose to Adopt a Grandparent.  We are sponsoring the Brookdale Residential Facility in St. Augustine.  This Saturday is our deadline to order and we have 90 more gifts to go.  Please help us out.

Santa for Seniors

To find out more how you can help, go to the Adopt a Grandparent Facebook Event:Adopt A Grandparent Event


Holiday Gift Giving – Adopt a Grandparent Program


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Every year, NuReveal Yoga chooses a program to support for the holidays.  We chose to do this again.  I enjoy my new place in St. Augustine.  We witnessed first hand the devastation Hurricane Matthew did to the town and I would like to support this program here in St. Augustine.  Please help me to provide as many gifts as possible.   All donations can be processed through email invoices through Propay from

Thank you and have a blessed day.


your eyes have it – naked women reduces voyerism & prevents ogling – clothes free life — All Nudist

Source: your eyes have it – naked women reduces voyerism & prevents ogling – clothes free life

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Continue to change the minds of individuals one mind at a time.  Our bodies are temples holding precious energy.

New Location, still growing


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I am so enjoying my new home in St. Augustine but love visiting and teaching on Sundays in Orlando.  I am so excited to continue to grow in skills and knowledge to assist you all in different ways.  Although currently,  I can not teach group classes in St. Augustine, I am teaching in Jacksonville monthly co-ed Nude classes in a private club.  The next class is scheduled for October 29 at 11:00am.  I am currently offering Intuitive Readings via phone and online for $30 for 30 min.  I have added more services and more availability to assist in your needs.  Please check out our new system to reserve your appointment at our Mindbody app and/or website.  Just look for us at Mindbody as NuReveal Yoga.  We chose Mindbody to keep the business organized and up to date.  We are in the process of collecting funds so that we can create a location here in St. Augustine that is similar and bigger to the space in Orlando, a location that is open to the naturists and everyone who seeks to find healing.  That is why we are offering more services than before.

This is just a quick note of gratitude to you and announcement of new services and times.  Without you, this business would not exist.  I am honored to serve you all.   I am so grateful to those who have come and continue to come by.  I am so grateful to those who allow me to serve.   May I continue to find more and better ways to serve you.

Thank you so much!!! Namaste!!!

Exercise naked and the benefits for the body — Vritomartis Blog

This is why I teach naked. Thank you for the validity.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

The benefits of exercise naked for the body are numerous, ranging from the ability to witness your muscle groups functioning to being free from clothes.«Sound Mind in a Sound Body»· that’s what ancient Greeks used to believe. But if you … Continue reading → The post Exercise naked and the benefits for the body appeared…

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upstate n.y. college students protest topless against gender discrimination

We need to continue the education. Students are the greatest resource of CHANGE! I support you all.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

# Sage student sunbathing shirtless asked if boy or girl, sparks topless protest at college

Students at Sage College participated in a “topless protest” on Wednesday to bring attention to a social issue.

Troy police said the protest stems from an alleged incident on Sunday. Police said a school security guard approached a sunbathing student and asked if the student was a boy or a girl.

“The first thing out of his mouth was, ‘Are you a guy or a girl?’” student Cedar Brock said.

Brock was reading outside topless when the officer said to put a shirt on. As an androgynous, Brock refused.

“I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m not breaking any laws,” Brock said. “I’m not being disorderly. I’m being peaceful. I’m just reading.”

“I had the New York State law on my side, I felt,” Brock continued. “The People v. Santorelli case in 1992 that allowed people who…

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Sharing this article in case you didnt see it: luna phoenix april clothes free yogi you should know — clothes free life

April marks the beginning of spring, a season of rebirth so it fitting that our April clothes free yogini is named Phoenix this we share the functional and challenging practice of Luna Phoenix a clothes free yogi we think you should know. My spiritual name is Luna Phoenix. Luna, Spanish for Moon, is not only […]

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wow poetics: i say of beauty — clothes free life

For this week’s Women on Wednesday, poetry takes the stage, as is appropriate given that is currently hosting the 4th annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest “The Body as Poetry” as well. I offer a series of poems throughout the day today. To wrap up today’s poetry flow for Women on Wednesdays, I share this poem […]

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