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Happy New Year one and all.  I hope these past three days have been filled with hope, wonderful opportunities and much awakening.  With every New Year, new goals are set.  Whether it is a goal to lose weight, to get more money, or change your perspective, start the New Year with a bang!  If you missed the opportunity to get it in gear starting the first day of the year, you can start today.  Ever wanted to start a nude practice?  Read all the articles and still a little leery?  Well here is another experience for you: Nude Yoga Experience.

Still need some encouragement?! Well, I have created a video of a non-nude Facebook friendly yoga class giving a sneak peek of the UnMasking Ceremony as I described in a previous blog that I do with every yoga class of mine.

Watch it here: New Year’s Day Brief FB Friendly Nude yoga

Why do I do nude yoga?  My mission is  to change the rape culture to a positive awareness of the human body as a protective shell of something bigger and brighter within.  I want to change people’s minds about the nude body being a sexual object.  Besides, with our New First Lady being a nude model, nudity and its image may be challenged even more.  SO why not, make it a positive change.  Just like what everyone seeks of the New Year: new and positive changes.

I hope to hear from you soon.  Ask questions?  Lots of them.  I won’t reject anyone or any question.  No question is stupid unless not ask.   Have a wonderful day and an AWESOME NEW YEAR!!