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Every year, nude yoga and nude fitness takes me closer and closer to enlightenment. Being free from clothing allows for me to receive more Divine Light quickly and uninhibitedly.  Being naked has helped me to not only remove any body insecurity but also purifies my soul and mind from all things that no longer serve me.  With so much enlightenment available, I have been enlightened to create two new courses.  I wish to share my knowledge and experiences to assist others to blossom their own inner beauty while shedding their dogma, insecurities and negativity in the process.

One class is the Enlightened Empath Class.

Starting January 10 and every Tuesday after that at 6:45pm -7:45pm.

This is a weekly class to teach empaths techniques how to enhance their intuition and clear up the energies from negative spaces. We will speak about different tools and techniques to enhance our knowledge of spirituality and handle our empathic abilities.

This class is online via oovoo. Sign up with Oovoo for free and look for nurevealyoga@gmail.com. Only 10 people allowed for class.

$15.00 per session

I created this class since the elections have left a lot of people questioning the US state of affairs and their role in it.  The energy of the Election, this year’s events and certain other things have caused a feeling of dread, worries, judgments to spread a thick energetic blanket over people and left them confused with so much emotions.

The second is a Life Coaching service.  One program is available for 30 days or 3 months while the other is 60 days or 6 month course.  So the 30 day course is a daily hourly course discussing the Niyamas/Yamas and working it along with your life to improve certain skills and outlook or you can change it to a 3 month course which you will then have a 2x a week hourly class to work the course.  Of course, the 60 day/6 month course is longer.

To find the price of the Life Coaching service is listed on the MindBody App or this link:  https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=572384&stype=-2&subTab=info.