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I am so enjoying my new home in St. Augustine but love visiting and teaching on Sundays in Orlando.  I am so excited to continue to grow in skills and knowledge to assist you all in different ways.  Although currently,  I can not teach group classes in St. Augustine, I am teaching in Jacksonville monthly co-ed Nude classes in a private club.  The next class is scheduled for October 29 at 11:00am.  I am currently offering Intuitive Readings via phone and online for $30 for 30 min.  I have added more services and more availability to assist in your needs.  Please check out our new system to reserve your appointment at our Mindbody app and/or website.  Just look for us at Mindbody as NuReveal Yoga.  We chose Mindbody to keep the business organized and up to date.  We are in the process of collecting funds so that we can create a location here in St. Augustine that is similar and bigger to the space in Orlando, a location that is open to the naturists and everyone who seeks to find healing.  That is why we are offering more services than before.

This is just a quick note of gratitude to you and announcement of new services and times.  Without you, this business would not exist.  I am honored to serve you all.   I am so grateful to those who have come and continue to come by.  I am so grateful to those who allow me to serve.   May I continue to find more and better ways to serve you.

Thank you so much!!! Namaste!!!