This is the reason why I teach it in Orlando, FL. I love it.

My crazy life.

It started as a part of Indian yoga philosophy where members would undress themselves both physically and spiritually from all material possessions, sexual desires and anything physical of this world. So freeing!!


Naked yoga then trailed to Europe through naturist movements in Germany and Switzerland and to North America in the early 60’s building a bit of steam from the hippie movement. It was even depicted in serval movies from the 60’s and 70’s!


1. Feeling Good. Feel good about your body. One of the key aspects of one’s self-esteem is body acceptance. Achieving that is tough when your mind is flooded with the media’s images of what society is lead to believe is beautiful. What if you saw for yourself what other people look like naked and could see they have exactly what you have – every lump, bump, scar or mark? It may be…

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