A nude practioner that enjoys working out. He understands the benefits. As a personal trainer as well as yoga instructor I love teaching in the nude. It definitely allows for body awareness.

Geekery and Nudity

Image Credit: Nicolai Grosell http://www.nicolaigrosell.com/ Image Credit: Nicolai Grosell http://www.nicolaigrosell.com/

Do you exercise nude?  Have you ever tried it?  Personally, I am rather fond of it.  The reason I ask, is this morning my wife asked me that same question “Why do you exercise naked?”  She has a hard time doing so…mainly because, well, she has rather large breasts and all the bouncing involved in exercise (jumping jacks, jogging, etc) hurt.  I don’t really have that issue and so I generally prefer to do my exercise routines (when I’m home) in the nude.

Now, there are (what I deem) legitimate rationale for my preference to do this nude. The first reason is that I don’t feel that exercise clothing does not seem to be designed efficiently for men.  Maybe it is the brands I am buying or the style, and it is really hard to describe.  Pants and shorts seem to have two layers, and…

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