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NuReveal Yoga starts every yoga session with an unmasking ceremony.  I use clothing as symbols to be removed during the yogic practice.  What symbols are we removing?  Our mayas!  Mayas are sanskrit for veils, perception, illusion.  A veil that covers our truth and our light.  In other words, the mask we place on ourselves to protect our light from the outside world.  The mask we place on ourselves to live among society.  We all wear different masks for different roles.  Now Yoga is to assist the individual to peel away the Maya however, the unmasking ceremony takes it a little deeper in Nude Yoga.

At the beginning of every class, the unmasking ceremony begins in Tadasana with our feet grounded to the ground by our four corners of our feet and then elevate our hands to the Universe with interlaced fingers except for the Pointer fingers and thumbs. In this position,  we breathe deeply into our rib cage expanding from the sides and exhale deeply.  The purpose is to breathe in light to cover your aura on the outside of your physical and breathe out anything that no longer serves you from within.  Allowing your pointer fingers and your thumbs to be the insertion point of the light from the Universe as well as the exit point of the doubts, fears and whatever else no longer serves you to the Universe.  We take another inhale and upon the exhale, we connect our elbows in front of our face and then our thumbs to the temple to unzipper the first layer of maya off the physical body. (The removal of our tops so we may be topless.)  Return to Tadasana and bring to awareness to how you may feel from when you walked into the door.  Observe for a few breaths and return to the practice of elevating arms and breath.  Connecting to the Universe once again.  We repeat the process again until we remove the lower half of our mayas.  (The removal of our bottoms to the side so that we are now naked.)  It is after this ceremony, that we are now prepared to see our truth.  We are now ready to receive more light from the Universe rejuvenating our inner bodies, enhance our connection to the Divine Intelligence of it all, and prepare to move our bodies fluidly to enhance our relationship with it.

Every Year in Orlando and Tampa, Nude Nite displays an array of artwork and live art shows for three nights in each town.  Every February around Valentine’s Day, it is in Orlando and then on the first full weekend in March, they go to Tampa.  This year they had a live art installment called “Shredding Garments”.  Its purpose and live display reminded me of what we, NuReveal Yoga do during the Unmasking Ceremony.

Shredding Clothing Sign

Shredding Garment Description and its sign

Shredding Garment Description and its sign

The Unmasking Ceremony

If you are interested in participating in this live art installment, go to Nude Nite Tampa tonight or tomorrow night.  Otherwise, to shred the mayas on a daily basis, come to a NuReveal Yoga class.  I would love to help you out.