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Good month of Love to you all.  How are your resolutions coming along?  Have they fallen to the wayside already or are you just beginning?  Well, I vowed that this year would be different.  Every year, I make so many resolutions for health, wealth, education and spiritual changes.  Every year, I succeed in some and fail in others.  Come December, I access and evaluate my year and create new resolutions for the following year.  It has been an endless cycle for as long as I can remember.  Well, this year, is a different year.  This year I vowed evolution not change.  I decided not to write any resolutions that had a deadline this year instead I concentrated on major goals and broke it down to simple steps that lead to those goals.

Well, one of those goals was to increase my financial abundance and reorganize my business.  So, I decided to take a 28 day Finding Flow Challenge to see what I may be missing in my business.  I wanted to discover the missing link that would elevate my business from its plateau.

For 28 days in January, I shared assignments and Flow Play with the organizer and my fellow Finding Flow Challengers on Facebook.  I learned a lot of business strategies, marketing techniques and basic business time management skills.  I met a lot of great entrepreneurs and I wish them the very best.  Yet, this challenge opened up my eyes to what my focus really should be.

When I created NuReveal Yoga, my goal was to bring nude yoga to the masses.  Yoga studios are abundant in Central Florida but there are not many studios that offer nude yoga.  The only studios that offer nude yoga are for men only.  I am a female.  Where would I be able to participate?  A question which I felt that other women were asking as well. Where can women and men do yoga together in a safe nude setting? There was no place where both men and women could come together to do nude yoga and experience the spiritual energies that come from both sexes until I came along.

My primary focus was to display the physical benefits of performing yoga in the nude while connecting to your Highest Power. Using my skills as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I assisted my clients and students in alignment oriented, physically challenging asanas and ended in a hypnotic spiritually infused savasana.  I wanted everyone who came to have an invigorating class with an awe-spiring cool-down.

Classes grew very fast, a little too fast.  When something grows as fast as what my classes did, only two things can happen: continued growth or a crash and burn.  Lucky for me, I just experienced a plateau’ed effect.   The loyal students were there but I was not getting any new clients.  I would advertise.  I would offer discounted prices.  I would offer free meet and greets.  Offered more classes in better environments.  A few new heads popped in but the numbers did not go up as much as I desired.

The 28 Day Challenge and my BIG LESSON

After the Challenge, I had an opportunity to speak to the organizer of the Challenge. Mind you, I had spoken to her before two and half years prior when I had quit my day job and started my fitness career working as a Personal Trainer in a gym by day and Nude Yoga Instructor on the weekends.  I called her then to kick start my new career and here I am again calling her to kick start my now fulltime Nude Yoga business.  Our discussion lead to a major decision: focus on my Nude Yoga business and advertise only to naturist and nudist or separate myself from my NuReveal Yoga brand use it occasionally and focus on working with Chiropractors and other medical/therapy professionals as a Yoga Therapist.

Although the phone call lasted only fifteen minutes, it felt like a long dragged out fight with my ego and my passion.  I understood her advice.  Nudity is not mainstream.  People have strong emotions when it comes to nudity.  Some feel that it is immoral.  Some see it as fascinating but scared of the social stigma of harsh judgment.  Some are obsessed with nudity as a sexual object.  It would be okay to teach nude yoga to those who are interested but if I wish to make money and have career in this then I am to go mainstream.  Central Florida is just not the home for co-ed nude yoga classes.  Central Florida is not ready.  If I really wish to do this then I need to focus on where the nudists/naturists live and play.

After the phone call, I felt drained and very disappointed.  It left me with any questions.  I love Orlando.  It offers so many things here for my children that fits their needs and activities.  Do I really need to move to South Florida or to a different state that nude yoga will be more attractive and lucrative?  Do I really have to shy away from my brand and focus on being a Yoga Therapist to the mainstream masses?  Is it really necessary just to focus on the nudist/naturist group?  Would the mainstream masses never accepted nudity as a natural thing?  Something deep inside of me just couldn’t accept that fact.

I have been teaching nude yoga for three years.  Two of those three, I did it on a part time basis.  I felt like I lived a double life.  Working as a secretary or as a personal trainer by day, teaching nude yoga on the weekends.  I wasn’t able to tell people at my day job the yoga I taught because of the social stigma my bosses anticipated.  They felt it may hurt my day job.  To shy away from my NuReveal Yoga brand after I officially incorporated the business in May 2014 felt as if I was betraying myself; betraying the clients I have grown to love and teach the beauty of nude yoga.  To go into Yoga Therapy in the medical field would be fantastic and assist my other passion of helping people heal that doing away from NuReveal Yoga made me feel as if I am currently doing something dirty and needs to be kept secret.  I felt as if I would be undermining the nudist/naturist community as nothing but a bunch of cheapos or giving up on the Mainstream public as a bunch of hopeless immature individuals that are doomed to remain ignorant to the beauty and benefits of nudity?

I refuse to believe to either scenario.  So what was my conclusion  My conclusion is that my focus will no longer be YOGA but NUDITY.  Do not get me wrong I will still spread the word about fitness, healing, energy and yoga.  I love it.  It has transformed me in so many ways.  However, I need to bring NUDITY into the forefront.  I need to spread to the world that nudity does not equal sex.  It can be a part of it.  It can be sexy but it does not constitute sex.  Being nude with myself and performing yoga in the nude allowed me to gain my body back for myself after my sexual assaults.  I can not deem nudity as dirty.  Yoga taught me that my Inner Body holds a precious Light that is connected to a Universal Divine which in turn connects us, human beings to one another.  Therefore my physical body is a temple for the Precious Being within.  When the Physical Body is ill, the Inner Body is affected as well and vice versa.  So the relationship between the two is very important.  The Body is no longer an object for me.  It is a precious temple of the Precious Divine Light within me.

If being nude is truly evil, then as babies we would be born with covering or clothing.  Think of it.  When did the message of nudity being immoral came about?  I have studied the Bible for several years and nowhere have I found that nudity is evil.  Disrobing in front of family members was mentioned in the Bible but we need to take into context what they were talking about.  It was really about sex not nudity.  Again if nudity was evil, why would God ask Adam and Eve how they knew they were naked in the Garden of Eden?  He is the all seeing all knowing so it is a redundant question then isn’t it?

I do believe that if we return back to when Nudity was a sense of being and not of sense of sexuality we would be able to remove the negative stigma of nudity.  Therefore, if we change our perspective of the naked human body, we can alter behavior and attitudes towards the human body.  So that will be my goal for this year: to educate the masses and change their minds about nudity.  So with that in mind, I have faith that the attitude of the mainstream can be changed to a positive reaction towards nudity.  It will take awhile but I am willing to lead the fight here in Central Florida while my fellow Nudies will lead the passageway in other states.  Together we will change the minds of all.

Thank you for the Finding Flow Challenge for helping to find my 2015 focus.  Thank you, Isis Phoenix for bringing us nudie yogis together in the Naked Yoga Alliance.  I am so excited about the mission and can’t wait to assist in pioneering this new wave of enlightenment.