Beautiful story of true LOVE here. Love connects us all. We as a society have grown too far apart from each other. I pray that we all can learn from this letter. These two women learned to overlook whatever society stated the way they should act and chose love instead. Love is the natural way of life. Congratulations, Ladies. Thank you for the example. I wish this becomes the norm for all parents. Moms and Dads alike.

Candice Curry - W3


To My Daughter’s Stepmom

I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you.   I didn’t want help from another woman to raise my child.  The plan was for my family to include me, daddy and our children, not you.  I doubt you ever wanted me in your life. I doubt you planned to mother a child that you didn’t give birth to. I can bet that your plan for your family included you, daddy and your children together, not me or my daughter. I can almost bet that when you dreamed of becoming a mother it would be the day you gave birth and not the day you married your husband.  I’m pretty sure you never planned on me being here.

But God has plans that far exceed our own and when my little…

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