Beautiful video about depression 

A lot of attention has been brought lately regarding Suicide Prevention and Depression since the announcement of the death of Robin Williams. He was one of my favorite actors and comedians. He definitely made us laugh at our flaws. He brought serious topics to life and made us think without any guilt. He had a beautiful gift. The message in his acting and comedic presence always made me want to do better be a better person. I envied him for being do lighthearted and kind. Yet, he suffered in silence from the same demons his character triumphantly defeated and in real life succumbed. He showed light to cover the darkness inside him. Those were probably his attempts to break the darkness apart.

His life story yet again makes us think. Just like in his movies, he brought a topic no one likes to talk about or relate to the forefront. His life influences us to be better and love. His death influences us to pay attention now. Not to be so blind by going with what society expects of you. We are to open our eyes and embrace one another for who we really are. Poor Mr. Williams wearing a mask we all expected him to wear and always be. It is sad that he was unable to find the time to truly be himself without being judged. He probably found it easy to make others life and feel when inside he was hiding, covering his own pain. I wonder if every time he tried to be himself so that he can find relief and solace, people would react to his plight in shock and responded, “wow, I thought you had it all together and was very happy.” How those words must have felt like a knife stabbing into his heart. Making him want to hide once again behind a mask and perform. Act like the person everyone expects him to react.

Well, in the attached link I found on Facebook, there is a strong and beautiful message in the video about depression. It made me cry afterwards. It provides a brief explanation into the mind of depression. Depression is an illness that needs to be treated differently than how it is handled today. It is about the person not just the dis-ease. (I wrote it that way on purpose.) This video affected me so since it put into words what I had felt in my life before.

It is truly AMAZING how much I have grown and understand the struggles I had to go through in my past in order to bring me understanding to those who really need it now. My mom, my daughter and I have suffered from anxiety and depression. I know for myself I have suffered from both since I was a young girl. I felt so much pressure to be smart, to be perfect, if I made a mistake try to hide it from the world because the world would devour me if they knew. Only brag about my accomplishments; hide my shame. In Spanish, my maternal grandmother would call it, “tapando el cielo con la Mano” which in English translates into “covering heaven’s eyes with my hands”. Sounds like an impossible feat, right? But we do it all the time just to cover the pain, the fear, the hurt, the shame. Never addressing it just covering up. Others tell us that we are to get over it. We are seen as weak for allowing the situation to seem do bleak. Our sensitivities are seen as weak and with that in mind our feelings are treated with such disregard by our families and friends. Then we are treated as scientific guinea pigs or sub functioning human that needs to be told when to eat, when to sleep, constantly under a watchful eye with restrictive movements. Embarrassing. How do I know because I went through it. I experienced it firsthand. My duties as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter allowed me to function while ignoring my own needs.

Naked Yoga and meditation assisted me in facing my demons. It is a daily practice that I can not fail to do. It took time but I found solace in discussing my problems with my higher power and releasing it all to him. (For me, it is a he). It could be whatever for you.

I teach my daughter some meditation techniques that also helped her ease her depression. We talk a lot. I can relate to her so I champion with her. We stand and fight together. I will make sure she is not alone. As for me, I no longer feel alone in my struggles. My mission on this planet gets clearer and clearer each day. My experiences have helped others see light. My past have helped me see the light. I am truly sorry for the Williams’ family loss. Robin’s gift to the world was laughter, joy, unconditional love and appreciation. May his passing continue to be a lesson to us as his life was. Depression is not a joke. They are not weaklings or pathetic human beings for suffering. They are human beings in a state of dis-ease that haven’t found the key yet to unlock their own inner joy. Let’s be the flashlight and help them find it without dampening our own light. Be well, my friends. I love you if you don’t hear those words from anyone else. I love you. I love you, Robin Williams. Thank you for the laughter. Your light will shine brighter than ever now. Enjoy the unlimited understanding and love.

As for the rest of us, still living and struggling, namaste means I honor the light that is in you as it is in me. Remember we are energy; we are light. Robin and our deceased loved ones are a part of an even greater light; free from the bodily temple so whenever we feel our light within dimming let us help each other out. We were never meant to be alone. May my light help rejuvenate yours when dimmed and may the light of the Great Light rejuvenate mine and yours so we may continue to serve and help others.

Namaste, my friends.