Attached I placed a link to a Washington Post that I found this morning. This blog discusses the new nude reality shows that have been appearing on channels: Discovery and TLC and a future one coming on VH1. I first read about these reality shows two weeks ago during a trip to Fort Myers. It was in the Entertainment section of the weekend edition of USA TODAY. I was happy about the discovery. I don’t have cable so reading about it was a great surprise. As a nude yoga instructor, I often get questioned the purpose, the morality of nude yoga so when I read about the shows, I felt a sense of relief and joy. Why? I truly believe the society needs to be more opened to nudity and not as a sexual phenomenon but as a natural occurrence that it is.

This link also added the opinions of two AANR Executives that was not available in the USA TODAY article I read two weeks ago. I am glad they felt the same way I did that they were happy for the added attention to the wonderful community we are. However, also concerned of how entertainment companies will sensationalize the nudity.

I understand their concerns. Society sees nudity as one thing but if society needs to see an attractive person acting normal among other nude individuals without a sexual element added to the scene, maybe we can change some minds. So I say, bring it on. This world is crying for a new view to nudity, freedom. It is about time to return back to our roots. Nudity is normal, natural and humane.