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Upanishadic philosophy leads to pure enlightenment

In this article reprinted by Yoga International and written by Swami Rama, one gains a better understanding of what true enlightenment is. It leads one to the understanding of what most great philosophers throughout history have been saying to the general public. Such greats as Martin Luther King, Ghandi, H.H Dalai Lama, etc. have all mentioned that we are one. Jesus himself stated we are one with the Creator and each other. We are all supposed to each other in such way. Division is humanity’s greatest loss. We are to love one other as one race: THE HUMAN RACE. Once the Brahma view is adapted by all, self discipline will rule the land.

With all that said, nudity will not be such a social taboo. With self discipline and enlightenment, sex will be placed in its right format. Sex will be recognized as the beautiful gift and tool to express a deeper feeling of unity and pleasure solely among consenting Adults with the full understanding of the consequences and responsibility sex brings. Nudity will no longer signify sex nor will it be limited to such ideas. Nudity, nude, nakedness will all signify purity, innocence in its natural form. As I like to tell my yoga students, we were born nude into this world thus THAT is our natural state. So once we all achieve pure enlightenment, we will accept nakedness as well as it should be recognized: the Pure Form.