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I have heard many excuses about why people won’t try Nude Yoga.  Religion, low sense of self-worth, body image issues, fear of something new but shy was a new excuse I heard this past weekend.  The excuse regarding religion I have discussed before here on my blog (refer back to the article, Being Nude …A Natural state of being).  Low sense of self-worth is workable.  One needs to accept the fact that one is loved unconditionally.  We are love.  Love is universal.  Love is endless.  In order to receive love, we must love ourselves.  Since we are one with the Universe, Love is within us all.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Erkhart Tolle and other individuals who have written books on self improvement and encouragement have mentioned that all the tools are within us to increase our self-worth.  It is up to us to access those tools.

As for Body image issues: this one is dictated by what society deems as beautiful.  We are fed so much baloney regarding what a woman or a man should look like.  Take the magazines, tv shows, etc.  As a yoga instructor and fitness professional, I am told how I am supposed to look to be deemed successful.  Well, find encouragement. Photoshop has provided wonders to models and other celebrities.  Don’t believe me?  Many celebrities have admitted to having cellulite and society still deems them beautiful.  Read  Kim Kardashian’s admission to her cellulite and her bodily curves or if you are a visual person here are some photos of some celebrities we know and love or this one.  Body appreciation should NOT be dictated by magazines or what is seen on TV.  WE should be able to define beauty as individuals instead of mindless followers to society’s false reality of beauty.  Anyway away from RANTING.  As I mentioned before, I have found Nude Yoga to be liberating.  It has allowed me to move past my past and my body image issues.  But then again that is with daily practice and meditation.  Hopefully these links will encourage you to go to the mirror and give yourselves a BIG HUG.

Fear of something new.  Who isn’t afraid of the unknown? Think of it this way.  Fear was meant to allow us to be vigilant regarding things that are dangerous, a mechanism for survival, very primal in nature.  Yet, we allow it to control our daily lives and limit ourselves.  We should work through fear in a positive way.  Mama Gena states that “Take the appearance of fear as a very positive sign. Fear does not visit when you are conforming and safely following the rules.”  Napoleon Hill states: “Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.”  Again, a very doable excuse to work with again.

But this weekend, I heard something that almost made me topple over in laughter and disbelief.  “I am Shy”  Now, now, before you tell me I am being insensitive.  Let me tell you the story.  I met a gentleman who just started taking yoga and enjoys the stress reduction he gained from it.  Now this gentleman is an admitted swinger and is very active in the swinger lifestyle.  He frequents swinger parties all the time.  He has no problem being nude and having sex in front of others in small or large groups.  After revealing such details about his life, I felt that he may be interested in doing yoga in the Nude and so I offered him and his wife private Yoga instruction to assist them in the flexibility, improve their sex lives, etc.  It was at this point that he told me that he is too shy  to do that.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  A wire in my mind popped at that moment.

What?! Really?  I couldn’t believe.  Before I laughed out loud at this remark, I asked him, was it because there was no guarantee of sexual relations in Nude Yoga or just the fact it was nude?  He proceeded to tell me that it was because he doesn’t feel he would be mature enough to remove sex from the nudity element and may not be focused on his postures.  NOW that was a more honest response than the I am shy response.  

Thinking about it now, I have to chuckle.  Really? You can have sex with different people in front of different people, naked, or with clothes on, of different body sizes but you cant be nude without the sexual element.  You do yoga to find yourself and relieve stress. But the two can not be combined?  Why is it that being nude has to lead to sex?  Have we been programmed that badly to think of sex the instant we see a naked body?  Really?  I cant believe that.  I refuse to believe such nonsense.  When I gave birth to my children in their birthday suits, sex was the farthest from my mind. When does seeing a naked body lead to sex?  However, I digress.  I spoke about nudity and its purity before.  

This blog was really to allow me to laugh and try to understand the shy comment from the individual that said.  Maybe I can get an explanation for it from one of you who will read it.  Maybe not.  Maybe I am not to understand.  Maybe it is not something to laugh about but to teach me something.  Whatever the reason it was said, I will treat it as a holy encounter for growth.  But seriously, shy being nude and you are a swinger?  Please don’t make me laugh!