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According to this website: http://www.fathertimes.net/traditions.htm.  There are many traditions practiced around the world and in different cultures.  I am Puerto Rican so not do I follow the tradition listed under the United States but I also follow the Spanish one.  Every year, I make coquito which usually a coconut milk drink with rum (I exclude the rum and just have rum extract).  Gather 12 grapes for each member in my family to eat.  As they each eat the grapes, we are to bring into mind what we wish for each month that comes in and reminded of the blessings we have been given.  This happens after the stroke of midnight.  Before the new year approaches, I reorganize, clean my heads from head to toe.  Then, I use herbs and lotions to clean away “evil” spirits or bad intentions starting from the back of the house to the front praying along the way that whatever has held us down in the year may it be washed away and leave out the front door never to return.  The water that we use is hot water and strong odors to remove the heavy laden ill intentions.  Once the house is all cleaned, then it is time to clean again but for blessings.  This time we need to clean from the front to the back with cold water and blessing herbs.  While doing so, the meditation is in bringing goodness, positivism,  compassion, good health, etc.(anything good).  Once that is done, a candle is lit for the blessings and the continual protection from evil spirits.  Sage is also lit and passed around the house for more protection and sending the blessings in smoke to be heard by my Higher Power.  It may seem strange but it makes my house feel open and airy.  This spiritual cleansing has allowed me to be more open and receptive to the spiritual world.  Allowing my meditations to be more fruitful.  Bringing in the New Year spiritually, physically and mentally clean.

What is your tradition?  Leave me your comments I am interested in learning.

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Until then, my friends, namaste.