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Support the effort. Increase the cause for nudity.

My significant other found this link and I was compelled to place it on the blog.  We need to contribute if not pass the word around about this project.  It is not just for women but it is for the cause of nudity as well.  Nudity is a taboo that needs to be enlightened and educated to the masses.  It is not on the same level of pornography and thus should not have to share the same platform.  Nudity is a state of being. Pornography and or fetish is an activity that promotes sexual feelings/ sexual relations, or sexual healing.  They are not the same thing and thus should not be treated as such.  Please support the cause.  FREE THE NIPPLE.

Brave women.  When I say the preview, it reminded me of a time when we, women, had to fight for our right to vote.  Nudity is NOT perversion.  It is a state of being without boundaries.  Being free.  Clothes are to protect us from the elements NOT from each other.  We are to love each other for our essence/auras.