Attack on Nudity: How silly?

Attack on Nudity: How silly?

When I read this article I was interested in learning what the big deal is.  It is a shame that we have miseducated ourselves to say that exposing breasts in a newspaper for advertisement is pornography and exploitation of women.  I do not understand if these women who volunteered to be photographed with their breasts exposed to have readers of both sexes to see them how can it then be sexists?  Nudity is not dirty.  Where is that is said that it is forbidden?  I have the Bible and it states I am not to get unclothed in front of my brother, uncle, etc.  If you read that section of the Bible closely, it is in the context of sex.  Sleeping with the individual.  So in other words, INCEST is forbidden not the act of being nude.  If being nude was a sin then Job who felt hurt and wanted an answer from God regarding his sufferings after God allowed the devil to plague him with boils and lost of children God would have punished him further once he stripped his clothes off, placed dust on his head and sat with his friends who did the same to consul him.  Don’t believe me read it for yourself.  Read the Book of Job, Chapters 1 and 2.  God wanted a relationship with HIM not religion.  Before we throw the book at others for their actions, we should prepare ourselves and improve.  Nudity is not a SIN.  We are not born with clothes and here is an awakening: you may be buried with clothing but you do not take them with you so YOU ARE NAKED when you meet your maker.  There is NOTHING to hide.  Think of that!

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