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I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel regarding Pope Francis’ First Christmas Prayer.  Being a former practicing Catholic, I am curious about what the current leader of the Church says and does.  So far, I have been very impressed about his works and messages and today was no different.  Similar to the Dalai Lama, this pope asked the world for cooperation in regards to peace.  He wants us all to work together regardless of religion, social status, economic status, etc.  The message is true.  We are one.  We may practice different religions; may have different cultures; speak different languages, etc. Yet, we are ONE.  Why and how?  We are all Human Beings.  WE are of that RACE.  Therefore, we should respect each other as we respect the differences of our family members.  The pursuit of money will only bring the WORLD to discord.  The pursuit of peace and love is better for all.  Judge for yourself.  Read his article and let me know what you think.