Total Selfish deeds

Whether you believe, celebrate Christmas or not, Everyday is a reason; everyday is a season to celebrate life.  We are here for each other.  We all serve a purpose of love.  WE were not created to display the worse of ourselves.  That is the nature that was created by us.  Love is innate and evil is created,  It is demonstrated on a constant basis in nature with the animals.  Here is a story of pure delusion, ego and selfishness.  What did the child do to deserve this?  They arre so many children out there that need quality parents and so many qualified parents.  Why did this child have to be used as an instrument of delusion and greed.  Revenge. to whom?  The mother of the child?  She will be hurt and forever changed but if she believes in a higher power as I do, she will recover.  However, the gentleman’s soul will forever be plagued with his decision on this mortal world.  For he, will have to answer to HIS Creator the destruction of HIS responsibility and HIS role in it.  


Please People if not for the season for yourselves, LOVE unconditionally.