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I heard about this term the other day when I went to visit a meeting with someone very dear to me.  The term H.O.W in this meeting stood for Honesty, Open-Minded, Willingness.  In order for BIG changes, positive changes to happen in one’s life,  one needed to be honest with oneself that currently things, one’s life is not working.  One needed to be open-minded to learn new techniques, new ideas, new solutions to implement into one’s life.  Third that one needed to be willing to continue to review one’s life and be willing to change.  Sounds reasonable right?

Question though:  How do you know you are lying to yourself?  How do you know when you are being open-minded?  Does it need to come in this order?  How do you know when you are controlling everything?

Well the first step for me was to use the acronym another way:Hold On, Wouldya?!  Why?  So I could stop and think what is happening to me and to my surroundings.  I need to stop and reflect on my behaviors, my actions, my reactions. Evaluate our situation.  Try not to blame or see others and their faults.  (By the way, it is much easier for us to see other’s issues than our own.)  Looking within for our answers  should be the simplest thing yet it proves to be the hardest. Most of us do not want to face our fears, our demons.  They are scary.  I must say I don’t like dabbling into the dark side of myself.  But then again, without that dark side of me, my light would not shine brighter.  My lessons would not have created the individual standing today writing this blog and teaching others the lessons I have learned.

Once the evaluation starts and you become WILLING to change, you look for the steps to help you move onto the next step.  It is during the process of the changes and working the steps, I found that I can be rather impatient.  I want things to change and want it right away.  I am no different that most Americans when we set out a goal and wish to accomplish it quickly.  As a Personal Trainer, I have heard plenty of my clients ask me to help them lose the pounds in 3 months or so although it took them 5 – 10 years to gain the weight.  It is medically unsafe to lose more than 2lbs a week naturally.  But people want the easy way out.  I am no different.  When I am in emotional stress, I want out.  NOW!!

So at that point the acronym changes again. This time it is: Hold On and Wait! Logically, I know I can not rush things.  I know true changes doesn’t come quickly.  Lasting changes, transformation correctly defined is a daily process.  It takes a lifetime.  It is not easy but with determination it is possible.  However, like I said Logically I know this.  Emotionally, I am still impatient. As I mentioned before in my previous blog, submission is a daily thing.  Meditation, prayer and yoga must become a daily practice.  It can be associated with other programs such as religion, 12 step program, therapy, etc.  Those three steps help to reconnect that connection to the Creator, your Higher Power as you know HIM and understand HIM.  According to the Bible, Jesus had to remove himself from present areas or situations to go off by himself and speak and connect to God.  If we are to believe that is true, then we too must set off some time to be by ourselves to reconnect or we begin to become lost and darken our light.  (Yoga is not just movement.  It is reading spiritual text, breathing techniques, deepened meditation, etc.  This is just a little tidbit about yoga.)

Now, I did say that it is a daily practice.  I am still a human being.  I am not perfect.  I may have the tools.  I may have the time and I may have become enlightened.  I may even be an expert enough to teach others the tools as well.  However, I must always return to my practice or be doomed to be overwhelmed once again. Some reading this may disagree with the methods I choose.  That is fine.  We are free to think differently and find different paths.

I am not a Buddhist.  I am a Christian but I do not believe I am to force my RELIGION to ANYONE. I do believe, have found numerous spiritual texts, and had many experiences to dictate to me that GOD detests RELIGION.  We, as Humans, use such practices to gain a relationship with God.  However, then we depend on the practices solely and forget the relationship.  The relationship is IMPORTANT not the chosen practice.  Meditation, prayer have been linked to the Higher Power as a source of connection.  Yoga uses physical exercises to get the body weary so that the mind and the spirit can be awakened to a deeper meditation, a deeper connection with your Higher Power.  Again,in the Bible Jesus fasted (got his body weary), prayed and meditated to bring himself in front of HIS father and reconnect.

Anyway back to H.O.W.  To continue this process, the acronym as it was first described to me: Honesty, Open-minded, Willing must be remembered and used to work on this process continually.  Lifetime process like I said.  But another meaning of H.O.W brings myself to gratitude daily: Humility, Observe and Worship.  I must remember to always stay Humble.  I must observe my Higher Power and HIS ability to control my affairs.  Observe the changes and experience my transformation.  Continue my practice to better our relationship. Obey Serenity! Observe Serenity. Obey HIS position and HIS ORDER. I must worship my Higher Power’s presence, HIS CREATION (me, others and this planet). May the truth find you all.  May Love be there and guide you.  May you find Peace and Serenity.  Namaste.