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Child's Pose

Child’s Pose

This article was just featured in the newest Velocity Magazine p. 32 at ReadVelocity.com

Consciousness: an essential part to good health.

Consciousness is so complex to explain that even I had trouble writing this article to explain it. I have read many positive thinking books, taken meditation classes, practiced many challenges for increased awareness and mental clarity, exercise, etc. I continue my search to be more conscious of my surroundings and how to better myself to adjust to changes and be an influence to the world. So what is consciousness? It is about being aware of things that are not clearly seen. Discovering the inner thoughts, inner emotions, the inner warrior that drives you to perform in the manner that only you act. Through my journey, I have found one thing that has helped me to become more aware: allowing me to be one with my mind, body and spirit. It allows me to have no restrictions, no distractions just pure mental clarity. What is it? Nude yoga.

Okay, you may be thinking how does nude yoga have ANYTHING to do with Consciousness? Obviously, I am going to be conscious “aware” of the fact that I am naked. But ask this, is that necessarily a BAD thing? Usually when I perform yoga with clothes, I am so conscious about where my underwear is going that I cannot focus on my breathing or even relax! Without the clothes, I don’t worry about that. I am free to move about in each position and concentrate on my muscles and my breathing. I know, maybe you are thinking but others will see me. OK? So what? This society places a lot of stress on all of us. We have to act a certain way at work, at school, at home, in front of our friends and family, etc. When are you just you? When are the masks that we place on ourselves to perform appropriately in society removed to reveal our true selves?

We were all born naked. It’s natural. I was told that when I was an infant, I’d run around naked after my bath; laughing and cackling as my mom would chase me around to dry me off. I don’t know about you but that sounds like pure fun to me, pure freedom. Like Anne Geddes’ work with infant children, the pictures are beautiful and innocent. When did being naked become a dirty thing? When did it become wrong? Why is it wrong? Naked means purity, innocence, as you are, as you were (the original form). There is a call for things to be natural now. A call to better food, organically produced, natural water, better natural resources for energy, etc. Why not exercise and live in our natural state: naked? Why should we worry about the perverted minds that take advantage of its purity? We should take a stand and protect our right to be free truly and to be as what Adam and Eve would have become before the dreaded apple was eaten or as in Greek mythology before Pandora opened the box.

Yoga has scientifically been proven to be an overall asset to the mind, spirit and BODY. So without the clothes, what is holding you back? FEAR? FEAR is just False Expression of an Alternate Reality. Nude Yoga has allowed me to gain greater focus on my breathing, mind and body with other people that don’t judge me and are on the same journey as I, to become more conscious of who I am and where I want to be while in a loving environment. I love my body with all its flaws and cervices. I improve everyday and practice Ahimsa (compassion: one of the Virtues of Yoga) to others and especially myself. Won’t you join me on this journey? You be glad you did.