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Did the title grab you yet?  What do I mean by Surrender equals Freedom.  Hmm.  Well, have you ever been frustrated with life’s struggles.  I have.  Although I know the importance of meditation, and positive thinking, I still fall into the trap of self doubt and anxious thoughts.  What ifs? Who do I think I am? Am I good enough to teach it?  How about if I make a mistake?  Just some of the questions, I wrangle with.  But then I remember one thing: Surrender.

I do not need to answer these questions.  I just need to submit to my higher power.  Realign myself to the Creator and listen to the Spiritual Being which lives inside this physical vessel of mine.  That is why I say Surrender equals Freedom.  We are more than this Physical Vessel called the body.  We are surrounded by more than physical things.  We are energy.  We are surrounded by energy.  We are a part of a living force among living forces.  One force is fighting among the many. There is a resistance and such resistance causes friction which causes turmoil within the forces.  When we stop trying to do it all, when we stop resisting the positive energy and surrender to our Higher Power, We are then more aligned with the Universe, the Creator and ourselves. Such an alignment gives us the Freedom to do what we dream off along a path that has been created for us to continue.  Without such surrender, our freedom is meant with resistance and then anything that we try to accomplish is meant with turmoil, strife, blockades, etc.

Surrender to the Higher Being of the Universe, the Higher Force and feel the freedom in life.  No more concerns, no more worries.  Just leave them all at the capable hands of the Creator.  OK?  This may sound as if I am speaking about religion.  But I am not.  This is about Spirituality, Energies.  All things in the world aligns into one entity.  All forces come from One Source.  How do I know?  Science, in particularly, Quantum Physics, state that all entities have a similarity that points to a particular source.   Check it out for yourself.  Read about.  We are all controlled by Universal Laws.  We cannot break them for they are Universal.  So why fight them?  Use them?  Surrender and it will open doors for you.  Be like water.  Bend, mold, flow into different shapes, sizes and things,  Don’t fight the forces and soon you be as free as water.  Moving about and forming yourself into beautiful forms without worry.