Ok, in my last blog post, I mentioned we need to surrender to our Higher Power.    But what is it that I am supposed to be surrendering?  Is it normal to fight for what is right?  Am I just to give up when times are tough and let them roll over me?  No.  When we surrender, I am talking about the ego, fears, doubts, what stresses us and what we ails us.  That is what I am talking about.  Ok?  SO ego, huh?  What is it?  Ego, (not the psychological term) is what we are supposed to surrender.  The Ego’s job is to have us think that true love is not possible or real enough to help us succeed in life, be sane or even meet lovely people.  The Ego allows you to compare yourself with others rather than just focusing on the light in YOU.  Ego LOVES FEAR!! As stated by Gabrielle Bernstein in her book, Spirit Junkie, (great read by the way, especially her step by step daily guidance book, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness),

The ego’s main job is to make sure we don’t change our mind about fear.  The fearful projection that the ego inflicts on us becomes what we perceive to be our reality….When we choose the ego’s projection of sin, guilt, anger, attack and fear, that’s all we’ll perceive.

Imagine that WE choose to be unhappy.  We choose to be unsatisfied with life.  We choose to judge.  We choose the negative.  We choose to believe we are NOTHING.  We choose to believe that our worth is greater or lesser than someone else.  That is right IT IS A CHOICE.  Your perception, your attitude is your own.  Someone else’s definition of you is only of you if you allow it and reflect it.  So why would you choose to hold on to garbage when you can give it away and have it dealt with.  We all are connected to this planet, the Universe, each other, etc.

Believe it or not, we have a Creator (Higher Power) that created everything in this WORLD.   Quantum Physics says so.  All energies affect each other in some way and causes a reaction.  WE are ALL energies. So when one is negative, there is a negative reaction happen somewhere.  It is a ripple effect.  But when positive people come together and work together and let go of things out of their control and let the Higher Power handle it, the energies flow in a better way.  Haven’t you ever felt better when you let go of some mental stuff?  Felt like a big MONKEY just jumped off your back and now you are lighter than a feather.  Well, that is surrendering.  When I say higher power this is not about a religion.  I have my preference and my Higher Power and I know what it is but you and I may or may not share the same Higher Power/Creator.  Fine.  Once you have your spiritual awakening and you release your ego, you will begin to flow along with the Universe’s energy versus fighting the current.  You can still be unique and still be in alignment with the Universe.  The Universe is made of beautiful different things that flow together for a better life and future while increasing its energy and flow.  Why choose to fight it?