Nude etiquette


Above is a link to an article about Nudist Etiquette. It has been a popular question lately to me especially regarding nude fitness and nude yoga. It is a good, quick read. I especially agree with the sexual rule. There is no room for such in my class. If it is inappropriate with clothes on in a gym or any public area, it is the same in my class. Be polite. Be clean physically, mentally, spiritually and all will be well. Namaste and enjoy.


Updates about NuReveal Yoga

Good morning, all.  As we mentioned before we are in St. Augustine, However we have only been able to hold one on one appointments or online appointments at the St. Augustine location and the classes monthly in Jacksonville.  I am working on being able to host small group classes (max:6) at a new studio I found in St. Augustine.  I am currently hosting an Indiegogo campaign to increase funds to make the appropriate improvements and updates to the studio to make it ready for use and practice.  It will be a better location for private appointments, online setups, private spiritual readings and meditation circles: clothed or unclothed.

Find the link to the campaign here: Indiegogo Campaign – New Studio

Another update: I am hosting a Family Friendly Event called St. Augustine International Yoga Day.  It is to celebrate the United Nations International Yoga Day which is on June 21 while bringing the St. Augustine Yoga Community, Health, Fitness and Wellness vendors together to demonstrate How allied health and yoga can accomplish well being.  Our  event is on June 25 at the St. Johns’ County Pier and Pavilion on St. Augustine Beach.

Find the link to the Event here:St. Augustine International Yoga Day

The event is a CLOTHED event only.  Sorry But I am hoping if I can succeed with this one maybe a nude resort would assist me later to create a NUDE YOGA DAY.


Nudist Equity – Why Providing the Option to Wear Bottoms in Naked Yoga for Women and Transfolk is a Political Statement.

We also start with everyone in class with clothes on and I always encourage those to stay within the limits with or without bottoms. I know at least once a month I do. I truly appreciate this article. Thank you Willow and Isis.

Naked Yoga Alliance

Isis of Naked Yoga Alliance interviews Willow, founder of Naked in Motion

Nudist Equity – Why Providing the Option to Wear Bottoms in Naked Yoga for Women and Transfolk is a Political Statement.

 I had the delight of interviewing Willow of Naked in Motion, who is currently teaching naked yoga and Pilates classes for all genders in New York City.

Tell us a little about yourself.

nimwildI go by Willow. I’m from a small conservative town. I was a dancer and a performer so movement has always been of interest to me. I’ve been teaching Pilates for over two years and have recently added yoga to my teaching repertoire. The conservative environment I grew up in was filled with body negativity and sex negativity. My mission is to change the way people feel about themselves to make the world a more peaceful place. It’s about starting a dialogue between oneself…

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Another example of Nude fitness awakening


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Running on a naked ranch

The above link is yet another example on how fitness in the nude can be an awakening experience. Being nude is a natural phenomena. We are not born with clothes on and whether we want to believe it or not we don’t take them with us when we die either. While running this author just stated seeing human beings. Love it. Read the article and see if maybe you want to try nude fitness. I am one company of many growing that are offering such services.

Much love to you all. Namaste.

Aenya News Update 03/22/2017

A naked heroine with an enlightened perspective. I might just need to add this to my reading list and I think you should too.

the Writer's Disease

A lot of exciting things are happening around here. First and foremost, the cover for Ages of Aenya is now complete. Secondly, my wonderful and brilliant editor, Ava Coibion, is nearly finished with the novel. We’ve lost ourselves in conversation regarding the book’s themes and philosophies, but more importantly, she has become engaged by its characters.

There are definitely moments where I am spellbound by the description, or by a poignant moment. The emotional range in this section of the book is tremendous, and I think the various plot twists, and the ways in which the larger themes are coming together, are really effective. I like the way, in general, that the novel supports its philosophies.


There are dozens of hyper-sexualized females in fiction, from Red Sonja to Jungle Girl, and the works from which these femmes are derived are largely regarded the lowest form of literature. Being that Thelana is a heroine who doesn’t wear…

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Seven Reasons to Do Nude Yoga

I read this article the other day and shared it on our Facebook Page and several others.  I wanted to share it again with you all.  I personally resonated with reasons #1, #4, and #7.

Good reasons for Nude Yoga

Which reasons resonate with you?  If you are in the St. John’s County, Duval County or Orange County, Florida, contact us for in person session.  We do have online sessions available through Oovoo.  Personally, we currently have clients in the US Marshall Islands and India.




The Grading System of Yoga: What you earn as you practice.


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Most recently, I have had a discussion regarding Yoga and Flexibility more often than I have had in the five years now that I have been teaching yoga.  The number one reason that I always hear from people who are scared of doing yoga is “I can’t do yoga because I am NOT flexible” although the reality of it is that flexibility is earned once yoga is performed regularly.  Flexibility can be limited due to injuries, bone structure, etc. but you can develop more flexibility with practice.  So, since this conversation has come up more recently lately, I was prompted to write this article.  Spirit came to me and told me to write up the benefits of Yoga and compare them to the American Grading System to assist individuals with the goals of YOGA.  I have told many people numerous times that Flexibility is the F word of Yoga.   However, it does not convince them to try it.

So without further ado, let me list what grades you EARN the more you DO YOGA.  In the American Grading system, when you do even try to do the assignment or show up, you get an F for failure; D for inadequate attempt at the assignment; C for average attempt; B for more proficient attempt and A for the Excellent execution of the assignment and perfect presentation.  Well in yoga, IT IS THE OPPOSITE.  There are no negatives only positive changes and the “lower the grade” the better you are.  I am only saying lower grade in comparison to the American Grading System.  However, in the Yoga Grading System the more you practice, you elevate on the Yoga ladder and benefits increase.

A is for Awareness which is the first thing you earn coming into a Yogic practice.  You are aware you need a different way of life; something to remove your stress;  practice flexibility; want to add an element of meditation.  Aware that yoga is a little harder than you realize or yoga is hard but “makes me feel great especially after SAVASANA.” Whatever it is that brought you into the Yoga Room, it begins your journey to awareness.

B is for Balance and Body Awareness.  As you begin your yogic journey, each movement helps you to gain more balance.  Balance physically as you strengthen your muscles to help stand in Tree Pose and Dancer.  Balance mentally as you begin to learn to release stress and check in to your emotions.  Learn how to balance your practice around your lifestyle.  Balance spiritually as you begin to connect to something bigger than you.  Body awareness as you begin to RESPECT your body as it is at that very MOMENT in TIME.  With every movement, you begin to feel your body change with every pose and every breath.  Body awareness as you begin to realize yoga isn’t just about physical body but about your mental and emotional body.

C is for Consciousness and Connection.  There is a BIG difference in being AWARE and BEING CONSCIOUS.  Aware means the things you see with your FIVE SENSES: THE FACTS.  All of those things you  find in the material world.  Consciousness is something you deal with the UNSEEN: the METAPHYSICAL, THE UNEXPLAINABLE.  The Yoga Sutras and the philosophy of Yoga works in this realm.  The more you practice Yoga you will begin to know about the CHAKRAS, ENERGIES, AURAS, etc.  You begin to study more about spirituality.  It may even strengthen your FAITH in your chosen religion. However, there is no denying that you will feel a CONNECTION to the WORLD, the UNIVERSE, whatever you call your HIGHER POWER and the energies around you, through you and IN you.  More reading: Awareness vs Consciousness

D is for DHARMA and DISCERNMENT.  In this definition, Dharma will be taken from the Hindu religion definition for the moral and religious law that rule the our conduct that leads us to KARMA which is SANSKRIT for ACTION and/or the results of our ACTIONS good or bad.  Definition of Dharma. In Yoga, one learns about listening to their body, their energies and the energies around them something similar to what is taught in Quantum Physics.  With each practice, you get deeper and deeper in your connection with yourself, your emotions, and your connection with the Universe.  You get to learn that you are one with the great SCHEME of things.  You want to learn more about YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.  The law of dharma and your purpose. In a Spiritual sense for those who believe in an ALMIGHTY power, we develop Discernment in which we hear the voice of God or of the Holy Spirit or whatever Divinity you believe in.  You submit your actions, your thoughts, your energy to learn more about the Divinity Will for you to move along in this Universe in our Physical form.  You begin to realize you are a ENERGY, SPIRITUAL BEING in a physical shell to experience the Human Existence and to co-create a world of love for others and yourself. Here are two articles for additional reading: Discernment Holy Spirit and Making Inspired Decisions

E is Exhalation.  According to the Yoga Sutras, Exhalation is the most important aspect of Pranayama (breathing exercises) in Yoga.  Why?  Exhalation in Yoga is usually intentional versus when we are conscious and not performing any physical exertion.  Intentional Exhalation allows the body to relax, causing stress to release, lower blood pressure, and strengthen chest and abdomen muscles.  The Importance of Exhalation

Finally, but not, least is F for Flexibility.  The More you practice Yoga, the more bendy you get.  Don’t believe me!  Here is the article to prove it:  What Science can teach about Flexibility?

So now that you learned what you can EARN with yoga, why not try it today?  Besides, you can get all of this and be nude at the same time?  WOW.  Like I say, without the clothes, I can get even deeper into my Yoga Practice and the poses specifically.  WHEW! Well, that is my grading system.  I hope you find this informative and lead you into beginning your Yogic Journey.



Happy New Year


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Happy New Year one and all.  I hope these past three days have been filled with hope, wonderful opportunities and much awakening.  With every New Year, new goals are set.  Whether it is a goal to lose weight, to get more money, or change your perspective, start the New Year with a bang!  If you missed the opportunity to get it in gear starting the first day of the year, you can start today.  Ever wanted to start a nude practice?  Read all the articles and still a little leery?  Well here is another experience for you: Nude Yoga Experience.

Still need some encouragement?! Well, I have created a video of a non-nude Facebook friendly yoga class giving a sneak peek of the UnMasking Ceremony as I described in a previous blog that I do with every yoga class of mine.

Watch it here: New Year’s Day Brief FB Friendly Nude yoga

Why do I do nude yoga?  My mission is  to change the rape culture to a positive awareness of the human body as a protective shell of something bigger and brighter within.  I want to change people’s minds about the nude body being a sexual object.  Besides, with our New First Lady being a nude model, nudity and its image may be challenged even more.  SO why not, make it a positive change.  Just like what everyone seeks of the New Year: new and positive changes.

I hope to hear from you soon.  Ask questions?  Lots of them.  I won’t reject anyone or any question.  No question is stupid unless not ask.   Have a wonderful day and an AWESOME NEW YEAR!!

NuReveal Yoga has new classes and services


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Every year, nude yoga and nude fitness takes me closer and closer to enlightenment. Being free from clothing allows for me to receive more Divine Light quickly and uninhibitedly.  Being naked has helped me to not only remove any body insecurity but also purifies my soul and mind from all things that no longer serve me.  With so much enlightenment available, I have been enlightened to create two new courses.  I wish to share my knowledge and experiences to assist others to blossom their own inner beauty while shedding their dogma, insecurities and negativity in the process.

One class is the Enlightened Empath Class.

Starting January 10 and every Tuesday after that at 6:45pm -7:45pm.

This is a weekly class to teach empaths techniques how to enhance their intuition and clear up the energies from negative spaces. We will speak about different tools and techniques to enhance our knowledge of spirituality and handle our empathic abilities.

This class is online via oovoo. Sign up with Oovoo for free and look for Only 10 people allowed for class.

$15.00 per session

I created this class since the elections have left a lot of people questioning the US state of affairs and their role in it.  The energy of the Election, this year’s events and certain other things have caused a feeling of dread, worries, judgments to spread a thick energetic blanket over people and left them confused with so much emotions.

The second is a Life Coaching service.  One program is available for 30 days or 3 months while the other is 60 days or 6 month course.  So the 30 day course is a daily hourly course discussing the Niyamas/Yamas and working it along with your life to improve certain skills and outlook or you can change it to a 3 month course which you will then have a 2x a week hourly class to work the course.  Of course, the 60 day/6 month course is longer.

To find the price of the Life Coaching service is listed on the MindBody App or this link: